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Bitcoin Clicker Review

November 3, 2014

Today we are going to review the Bitcoin Clicker iOS game by Megawatt Apps, LLC. You can get the game by clicking on this link: Bitcoin Clicker Game. We are going to review three different aspects of this game, first is Gameplay, second is Graphics, third is Sound. Let's begin with gameplay.

Gameplay: There are two different gamemodes in Bitcoin Clicker, the first gamemode is the unlimited play mode, where you basically just tap on the Bitcoins getting as many as possible. You want to get as many as possible in order to be able to purchase new upgrades at the Bitcoin store. The upgrades at the Bitcoin store allow you to upgrade your computer parts which allow you to get more Bitcoins in return.

The second mode is the story mode, and that allows you to play a story in the game where you have to get a certain number of Bitcoins per round within a certain time limit. The further you progress in the story, the more coins that the round wants you to get. The time limit of the story stays roughly the same per round, but the number of Bitcoins required to pass increases, so at the same time it becomes more difficult.

The Gameplay is fun to play, there's a lot of things you can do and it pretty much never ends. You can get millions of Bitcoins if you play it for long enough.

Gameplay: 9/10

Graphics: As you can see from the screenshots, the graphics for the game are pretty much perfect. There's little to be done to improve the graphics of the game, because most of the art is drawn well. Overall it receives a great rating.

Graphics: 8/10

Sounds: The sounds for this game are pretty much nonexistent other than the clicking noises. So it doesn't get a good rating for the sound.

Sound: 2/10

Overall it's a good game. The only thing that can be improved upon is the sound, other than that, it is pretty much endless hours and hours of fun. Check it out and download it for free: Bitcoin Clicker Game.

Overall Score: 19/30

Review written on: 11/3/2014

Last updated on: 8/26/2016