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Guitarhoo! Review

April 3, 2014

Guitarhoo! is a free app available in the Apple app store for guitarists who want to improve their skill in the trade by learning from other profesionals. This free app is jam packed with numerous interviews, videos, and reviews of professional guitarists and guitar songs.

Upon first launching the app, it asks you for your birthday information, you will understand what this is for as you continue reading, and how often you want to be updated with the latest Guitarhoo! news. The Guitarhoo! news is great as it compiles opinions and favorite songs of different guitar masters with different musical backgrounds and musical style.

Interviews Section - Upon clicking on the interviews section, you are greeted with a large list of guitar playing professionals ranging from K. K. Downing aka Judas Priest to Gary Lucas who has over 40 years as a guitarist and songwriter. Here you can watch video interviews of each individual.

Most if not all of the individuals in this list of interviews are well known and have a long history of music behind them. It's captivating to watch and listen to people who have built their entire life around music and were able to make a living out of it. It's difficult to make a living in the music world, so if you want tips from professionals who have been there and done that, this app is definitely something you want to download.

Fave 5 - Similar to the interviews section, this section has a large number of individuals except instead of talking about their history and background in a video interview, the Fave 5 are articles asking about the five songs or albums that have influenced the guitarist the most and what it taught them. It's interesting to read some of these articles as you learn exactly how a song can change an individual's life.

Videos - In this section there are a mix of different videos. Some videos are videos of songs, others are lesson videos, and some are even interview videos. So far it appears this section has not been fully developed yet as there are only a limited number of videos listed and most of the videos are just songs. If you visit you can find many more videos featured by Guitarhoo that way.

Reviews - In this section you will find articles that review different songs, bands, albums, concerts, and even programs or apps. The reviewer talk about many aspects of what is being reviewed and it is interesting to get a different perspective.on certain soundtracks or albums. The reviews are usually accompanied by a video of what is being reviewed, so you can judge for yourself if you think the reviewer was right in the opinions given.

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You may be wondering about what asking for your birthday information was all about, as the app doesn't seem to have any use for it. Whether you are watching interviews or reading reviews, your birthday seemingly has no use with the app. Well let's just say if you keep the app installed long enough, an easter egg will cheer you up on a certain day!

Review Written on: 4/3/2014

Last updated on: 8/26/2016