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Retina Display Hurts My Eyes

Aug, 28, 2016

This is the sole reason I haven't touched my new Macbook Pro in over 3 months even though I spent a fortune on it and loved using it. In the beginning the Macbook Pro and I were inseparable. I loved playing around with it and experimenting on it, I bought a lot of new apps and other software for it, it was super light, had a great battery life, I loved bringing it with me everywhere and using it everywhere.

But there was a concerning issue that kept popping up the more I used it. I noticed that my vision started to decline in real time. The day before the Macbook Pro arrived, my vision was completely fine, I didn't notice any issues, my vision was pretty much perfect with my contact lenses on and I didn't have any complaints. I used a Dell PC laptop prior to the Macbook Pro and used it everyday without any issues. When the Macbook Pro arrived however, I started noticing my vision getting blurry each time I used it.

In fact, about a month or two after the Macbook Pro arrived, I went to get my vision checked. At the time I blamed it on a natural vision decline, but I basically had to get a new prescription for my contact lenses because yes, my vision did in fact decline, something that hasn't happened in 3+ years.

I'm not alone in this, in fact a lot of people are experiencing similar problems:

I can really relate to Melissa's and MacUserRA's posts the most because we're on similar boats. We bought a new recent Macbook Pro and were terribly disappointed because we can't even use the damn devices without damaging our vision. I'm pretty frustrated, I already can't see much without contacts as is, but now my vision has been further damaged due to this computer and now there's this very expensive laptop just sitting in my room unused. What a waste.

It doesn't matter if I plug in that same computer into an old monitor, because my eyes still feel sore afterwards. I actually used to have two expensive 27" 1440p monitors sitting in the closet because they hurt my eyes too, I sold one of them and there's only one left now.

This is a problem for developers because I would definitely like to develop more iOS apps, but at the cost of losing vision? Not worth it.