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Sheep Shave and Sheep Shave Pro Review

May 27, 2014

Today we're going to take a look at a brand new game available for mobile platforms called Sheep Shave. Sheep Shave is an arcade game where you shave sheep going down a conveyor belt and pick up bits of fluff that drop on the floor in order to gain bonus points. We're going to play and review these aspects of the game: Gameplay, Features, Graphics, and sound.

Gameplay 7/10:

The premise of the game is simple, a sheep appears and you have to swipe your fingers the direction that the arrow points to in order to shave the sheep and move onto the next one. You get 30 seconds to shave as much sheep as you can and earn the most points possible. For every successful shave you get a multiplier point and once you get enough multiplier points, your multiplier increases.

Each time you successful shave a sheep by swiping your fingers in the right direction, three pieces of wool drop to the ground. Each piece of wool is hard to pick up as you have to accurately tap on the small white ball on the bottom of the screen in order to get its benefits. Each picked up wool will give you points towards the Golden Sheep mode which is unlocked once you pick up enough wool balls. As a bonus, sometimes a wool ball will also give you extra multiplication points, score points, or extra time in seconds. In Golden Sheep mode, the amount of points you earn per shaving sheep is increased significantly.

If you make a mistake in shaving the sheep however or if you don't accurately tap on the wool ball, you can either lose multiplier points or lose your multiplier completely, which is bad for your gameplay if you want to get the most points as possible. If you accidentally swipe in the wrong direction, your multiplier is reset to 1. If you misclick on a wool ball, that could make you lose time and if you don't shave the current sheep in time, you lose multiplier points.

The gameplay and rules makes complete sense but it's way too simple and there's not much variety from one round of playing to the next. It's definitely fun to play at first, but it simply gets old and boring after a few games. It's the same swiping then tapping, swiping then tapping, it's repetition that doesn't do much to make the game stand out as something people want to play over and over again.

Features 8/10:

This game features a full high score board which both the iOS and Android versions are connected to. It also has multiplayer functionality through Skillz which allows one player to play against another player online by comparing scores. This might be where the gameplay becomes more addicting as the ability to play against other players online is a fun feature to have.

The high score and multiplayer features definitely add a lot of extra juice to the gameplay quality, but the gameplay is still the same from round to round even if these features did make it much more desireable to play those same rounds over and over.

Graphics 4/10:

The graphics are very well drawn but there's not really much of it to see. Even the main menu of the game has roughly the same exact graphics as the gamplaye itself only without the main menu text. There's usually nothing wrong with the main menu having similar graphics to the rest of the game, but the game is less enjoyable because it's the same graphics over and over again.

Overall there should be much more of these well drawn graphics throughout the game as well as more graphic special effects.

Sound 2/10:

Basically the only sounds you will hear in this entire game are the "Baa" sounds of the sheep and the two other sounds in this game, the conveyer belt noise and the electric shaver noise, but mostly the "Baa" of the sheep. There's no music, no background noise, and no other sounds other than the three mentioned.

Background music can make a game more exciting, the lack of any kinds of fun sounds in Sheep Shave make it less fun to play and less enjoyable as well.

Overall score: 19/40

Overall the game is fun to play but could definitely use a lot of graphical and musical improvements.

Download the Pro iOS Version of Sheep Shave

There are also Android Play Store versions of Sheep Shave for Android users.

Review Written on: 5/14/2014

Last updated on: 8/26/2016