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Squarewords iOS App Review

May 4, 2014

SquareWords is a brand new game that has recently been released for the iOS platform. It's a game similar to Words with Friends although instead of the game being based on Scrabble, SquareWords is more of a free-form crosswords multiplayer game where your goal is to make as many words as possible and get more points than your opponent.

How to play: Every round you're basically given a few letters to play, some of them being random, and you have to play these letters in a crosswords square board trying to match up as many words as possible both horizontally and vertically. For every word that you make, you get a few points. You want to get as many points as possible and make more words than your opponent whose board you do not see. Partials of words don't count, so for a word like "Caring" the word "Car" will not grant you any extra points.

It's a very fun and challenging game that can get addicting depending on who you're playing against. This game is a lot harder than Words with Friends due to the fact that you're given a number of random letters per round that you have to play, and most of the time you don't know what to do with those letters initially. You're also not able to see your opponent's board, which is another reason why this game requires a lot of strategy and strong wordplay ability.

Where would you place these two letters?

This game only recently came out a few days ago, and while testing the game out yesterday, there were 0 reviews and only around 3-4 ratings. Checking out the game now, there are 3 reviews and 17 ratings! That just goes to show how quickly a game can become popular through word of mouth. The game has a leaderboard for every language contained and it remains roughly the same today as it was yesterday:

Overall this is a brand multiplayer new game that is both challenging and fun to play. The game has a lot intuitive features such as the ability of choosing whether to play against a human or a bot, leaderboards, and also easy registration. Unlike most other games where you have to have a username and password, all you do to register for SquareWords is enter a username and you're all set to go.

You can download and play SquareWords by visiting SquareWords at the iTunes App Store.

Review Written on: 5/4/2014

Last updated on: 8/26/2016