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Your Cyprus Holiday App Review

May 8, 2014

Today we're going to review a Cyprus guide android app called Your Cyprus Holiday. This is an android app for those who want to vacation to Cyprus or are already vacationing at Cyprus but are not sure where to go or what to do there.

Your Cyprus Holiday splash screen

One of the first things to notice about the installation of the app is how many permissions that it required:

Whenever installing an app you have to make sure that the permissions it asks for make sense for that application. For example, the "Directly call phone numbers" permission, even though it's a relatively strong permission, is required for their hotel and vacation booking feature, so it makes sense to be there. Looking through all these permissions, they all make sense for the application. Sometimes though apps will ask for permissions that don't make sense to be there, so you have to be careful about those.

When you start up the app, it will ask you for the language you want to use. It comes with English, German, Cypriot, or Russian. After that it asks for when you will arrive in Cyprus. If you choose a date, it will bring you over to their booking app so you can book a reservation using their app. Hitting the "I am not sure" button skips this process which leads you to the main menu.

From here you can either view the map, book a hotel, or visit the local attractions.

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Map Feature - Clicking on the map feature simply shows a bunch of colored dots on the map. You don't know what the dots mean, there's no legend or guide to tell you, and even when zoomed all the way in you still don't know what the dots actually represent. They aren't clickable so you can't view what that location is and it took more than a minute to load the map. Overall it's not a very useful feature at the moment, but it could be improved in later updates.

Booking feature - This app also lets you book Cyprus hotels, spas, and taxis directly from their app. However, considering the wide availability of hotel booking apps from more reputable sources, I would not recommend using this app to book a vacation to Cyprus. It's also the first thing that the app asks you for, however I'm just not very trusting to non-reputable apps when planning a vacation could cost thousands of dollars.

By Area Attractions - This is the most useful feature of the app. You can locate nearby interesting locations close by to you and find directions on how to get there through the app. This is probably the main thing I would use the app for as it has many interesting locations and attractions you can visit, as well as a description and pictures of each one.

The app gives you the address and names of most locations, but sometimes it doesn't give you a description of the place and just leaves it blank. That's another reason why I wouldn't recommend using this app for their booking feature, because if some of the more important features in the app are incomplete, you can't trust to spend thousands of dollars on it to make reservations.

However if you do want to use this app to look for nearby attractions and locations in Cyprus that you can visit, then I would definitely recommend downloading this app. You can download the app by visiting: Your Cyprus Holiday at the Google Play Store.

Review Written on: 5/8/2014

Last updated on: 8/27/2016